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Providing in home and community based pediatric occupational therapy services in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Here at Otter Kids, your family becomes our family. We strive to walk alongside you and prioritize the goals that matter most to your child and family. Whether at home, school, or the community, therapy sessions will always be individualized, purposeful, and splashes of fun!

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What We Do

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Otter Kids Therapy specializes in providing pediatric occupational therapy with individualized care and family support. We focus on making a real difference in every child’s development.

Family Support

Whole-family support to ensure that the child receives a holistic approach to therapy and overall well-being


Individualized care that prioritizes your child’s goals and development journey in every therapy session.

Fun & Effective

Engaging pediatric occupational therapy sessions that are not only effective but also enjoyable for kids, promoting progress and growth. 


We hold evaluations, consultations. and therapy sessions in your home, school, or community setting. All scheduled at your convenience. 

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